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Lawn Sprinkler Start Up Farmington MI 48335
Here is what we will perform:
•Turn the water on to the sprinkler system and inspect the plumbing and vacuum breaker.
•Check and install pump, suction line, check valve and filter, if applicable.
•Activate the controller, set watering schedule and test all valves in the system. Install new battery when applicable (battery sold separately).
•Inspect and adjust system for proper coverage, repair line breaks and broken sprinklers if needed. Repair charges will be an additional billing.
•Check cleanliness of all lines, heads and nozzles.

Residential Lawn Sprinkler Repair, Service, Installation Farmington MI 48335

From complete new lawn sprinkler installations, to spring start-ups, seasonal sprinkler repairs or adjustments, to sprinkler system upgrades or fall blowouts or sprinkler winterization, we do it all. We do it professionally and we do it right. We honor all Rainbird or Hunter manufacturer warranties, providing service on sprinkler heads for 2 years or electrical components to include sprinkler clocks or valves. If you will be using a well to irrigate your lawn, we offer well water treatments using "Rid O Rust", a great product that prevents staining of your concrete or walls.

Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Repair, Installation, Start Up Farmington MI

We offer complete, expert installation of commercial or business lawn sprinkler systems in Farmington MI, along with repairs or maintenance. Our services can be set to include spring start-ups or sprinkler system winterization (blow outs). We service office building, apartment complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, chuches, golf courses, neighborhood association subdivision entrances and we also work with several commercial property management companies in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

Lawn Sprinkler System Winterization Farmington MI

Here is what we will perform when we winterize your Farmington MI sprinkler system:

•Turn water off to the sprinkler system and drain the inside pipes and vacuum breaker.Remove and/or drain the pump, suction the line, check the valve and filter if applicable.
•Deactivate the controller and valves. Remove the battery if it's a solid state controller.
•Blow all lines free of water with compressed air, if applicable.
•Open all manual drains and faucets, if applicable.
•We winterize with a compressor that delivers 60PSI.
•We blow out each zone twice with two short cycles as opposed to blowing out each zone once with a long cycle.
•We open all the drains and leave them set at a 45 degree angle which helps prevent condensation that can build up and crack the inside ball valve, thus cracking it.
•We guarantee that in the springtime your system will start and operate without any headaches.
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