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March thru May is time for your spring start-up service to get your Michigan Lawn sprinkler system checked for the summer. The Fall and Winter Seasons can damage your Lawn Sprinkler systems adjustments. Metro Automated  Spring Start-up checks for damages and adjustments.  During Your Michigan Spring Start-up, we give your system a full inspection..

Metro Automated Sprinklers will check your entire Sprinkler System during your Sprinkler System Startup

    1.  Open your systems main shutoff valve (Ball Valve or Gate Valve) slowly not to cause hammering in the pipes. Once the systems Mainline is pressurized we will check for leaks in your copper plumbing supply, and checks for leaks in your PVC manifold inside your valve box
    2. If your system is pumped from a lake we will install your lake point  inspect and prime the pump
    3. Now we will run through each zone on your sprinkler systems controller to check for section line leaks, electrical problems, electric valve function, leaking or broken heads, and nozzles that need to be changed
    4. Make sure no heads are out of adjustment, and finally make any repairs that are needed.
    5. Repairs are additional. 

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  • All of Metro Automated Sprinklers Lawn Sprinkler Services in Michigan rely on the weather conditions.. Contact Metro Automated Sprinklers early to get on our schedule.


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