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As one of the oldest sprinkler companies in metro Detroit, we have been serving our customers in Plymouth, Livonia, Northville, Novi or Canton Michigan since 1993. Our reliable service and readiness to serve our lawn sprinkler customers needs has set the standards for lawn sprinkler installation, spring sprinkler startup or fall winterization and of course all through the entire lawn watering season here in Michigan.

When it comes to underground lawn sprinklers in Michigan, we get it.  We understand that you not only want a lawn sprinkler system installed at a reasonable rate, but that you also want your original lawn sprinkler installation by us to grow old with you.  We accomplish this by first adhereing to all of the best practices avaialble and by using a competent staff of professionals to perform your underground lawn sprinkler installation.  To keep your sprinkler system performing reliably for many years, our factory trained technicians perform all of the correct steps required to help assure that your sprinkler system will not only make through the toughest of Michigan winters, but, that it will also startup as it should in the spring.

During the watering season, should any situation develop that requires repair or maintenance of your Novi sprinkler system, Plymouth sprinkler system, Canton sprinkler system, Livonia sprinkler system or Northville sprinkler system, just give a call and we'll be there.  We'll be there to make any adjustments required to help keep your underground lawn sprinkler system performing just like the famous gyser.

We'll make sure that each zone of your system controller or timer works and performs its duties and that each section of your lawn receives proper coverage.

In additon to making sure that your sprinkler system performs faithfully, we will also advise you of all of the latest innovations that will help you to save money in your endeavors to have the healthiest and best looking lawn at your home or business.  Like every other area of our lives, technology plays an important part in faithful sprinkler operations.  Technological advances help to conserve water, save money and conserve our precious natural resources.

As the areas leading sprinkler service, we keep abreast of all of the latest advances in sprinkler technology and we'll do our best to help you remain aware of these advances and to understand how they can affect the faithful operations of your old sprinkler system in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

Give us a call our use our convenient online contact form and let us show you how and why we are considered to be the reliable sprinkler service company serving all of southeast Michigan and sprinkler systems in Novi, Canton, Livonia, Plymouth or Northville.

Call 248 473-7485 or 734 844-2494 ... or schedule online.

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