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Metro Automated Sprinklers located in southeast Michigan is the professional company that installs and maintains more sprinkler systems in the Detroit area than any other local sprinkler company.

We have been installing and maintain sprinklers in Michigan for over 20 years. Just ask your neighbors and friends who installed their sprinklers in Michigan and you quite often hear that we installed their sprinkler in Michigan. Ask who does their yearly sprinkler startups in the spring or sprinkler system shut downs in the fall and you will often hear that Metro Automated Sprinklers is their sprinkler company in southeast Michigan.

Over the years we have built a great reputation for our sprinklers in Michigan. Our knowledge of sprinklers in unsurpassed and our sprinkler service technicians are top notch. We treat all of our customers with complete professionalism and the courtesy and respect that everyone deserves.

Our rates are cheaper than most other sprinkler companys too. While most sprinkler service companies in Michigan charge a service fee simply to come to your home or business and then charge an hourly rate on top of that, we keep it simple and we keep it cheap by only charging for our services. Our rates are highly competitive and often lower than others charge for the the same or less service.

We offer free Michigan sprinkler installation quotes for your home or business sprinkler systems. We will show you all of the latest water saving and money saving options available for your sprinkler installation too during our meeting with you. This is just one more way that our sprinklers in Michigan are cheaper than other sprinklers in Michigan. When we design and install sprinklers in Michigan, we want you to have a sprinkler system that irrigates your lawn correctly and does not waste your money by over watering or from sprinkler heads that do not do the job that they are supposed to do.

If you currently have sprinklers in Michigan but like most others are concerned about the rising costs of water, give us a call and let us show you how we can help you to save money with your existing sprinkler system. These low cost modifications and upgrades to your Michigan sprinkler system will quickly pay for themselves in less than one sprinkler use season in Michigan.

By keeping abreast of all of the latest technologies with sprinklers in Michigan, we think that once you try us a your sprinkler company in Michigan, that you too will become one of our many long term satisfied sprinkler customers.

Give us a call today and let us serve your sprinkler needs in southeast Michigan!
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