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Looking for the best sprinkler company or best irrigation company in Michigan  for your system is a matter of opinion. Your options really depends on your budget (because we all know you get what you pay for). There are several different brands of lawn sprinklers, each with different spray patterns and preciptation rates that benefit specific sizes and shapes of lawns. A very important factor to consider when comparing sprinkler systems is the amount of water your lawn will need, which is largely determined by our Michigan weather. Once you have determined the type of lawn sprinkler system best suited for your Michigan lawn you will have to make a choice of the top rated brands like Rain Bird, Hunter, and Febco and what water saving devices you want added to your system.

The best Michigan sprinkler systems are installed with the pipe 12 inches below the surface of the ground and the heads set to the grade level. Each system needs its own programming to fit the property it is watering. As effective as underground Michigan sprinkler systems are, however, their expense is considerable which frequently and unfortunately makes them an unrealistic option for the average homeowner. The best sprinkler companies in Michigan will include pressure regulators, rainsensors, weather sensors, or even smart controller technologies to combat the rising water prices and produce better results for your lawn and landscape.


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