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Need underground sprinklers in Michigan? We install, repair and perform
all services relating to underground sprinklers in southeast Michigan and
we've been doing wha twe do for over 20 years.  When it comes to knowing
how to properly maintain your underground sprinkler system, we know
what we're doing and we do what we do best.

Although there are several sprinkler companies located in southeast
Michigan, none has the experience we have in all aspects of your
underground sprinkler system. From knowing how to properly install an
underground sprinkler system from the beginning to taking care of and
maintaing your underground sprinkler system we believe that you should
leave it to us - the pros.

An underground sprinkler system is fairly simple, yet, if it is not
installed correctly, it will not provide the correct coverage of your lawn
to ensure an even amount of water coverage for all areas of your lawn.
Have you ever seen a lawn in the heat of the summer with patches of brown
spots? Yet, you know that the home has an underground sprinkler system, so
why are there brown spots? Simple. The underground sprinkler system wan
not installed to provide proper coverage of all areas of the lawn. When we
install an underground sprinkler system, we assure complete and correct

If your current system was not installed correctly, we can fix it so that
you have a full, lush, green lawn rather than a lawn that is part green
and part brown due to lack of water.

During the underground sprinkler season, we do it all. From properly
starting up your system and doing a complete check to mid season repairs
to fall season shut downs or winterizations, call the experts. Call us and
let us care for your underground sprinkler system in southeast Michigan.

Concerned about high water usage or over-watering with your underground
sprinkler system? :et us show you how to conserve water and save money by
installing ecologically friendly water saving devices. With these water
saving devices attache dto your underground sprinkler system, you will
save by only watering as much as is required and only water when
necessary. We can show the average homeowner how they can save year after
year by installing these devices that will generally provide a complete
pay back with money left over after just one season of use with your
underground sprinkler system.

We are the experts you can rely upon to know, understand and care for you
and your underground sprinkler system in southeast Michigan.



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