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Recently, the Livonia, Michigan Police Department posted a reminder on their web site reminding their residents to keep an eye out for those who are stealing sprinkler system backflow preventers. ClickOnDetroit.com also had a news feature regarding this rash of copper theft. Although the Livonia Police directly mentioned this, we know that the theft of sprinkler system backflow preventers is rampant throughout the Detroit metro area of southeast Michigan. These thieves are brazen and are not just hitting homeowners, but, the business community as well. They are cutting off the sprinkler backflow preventer to sell for scrap.

If you have encountered this situation, you can not operate your sprinkler system without replacing your backflow preventer. Give us a call today and we can replace your backflow preventer and get your sprinkler system up and running again. When we replace your backflow preventer we will use the latest style of backflow preventer mandated by the State of Michigan. Just last year the State of Michigan decided that all new or replacement backflow preventers must be installed with unions rather than being fixed as in the past. By installing a backflow preventer with unions, you can easily remove your backflow preventer at the end of the sprinkler season and store it indoors for safety thus preventing another theft and the expense of replacement. Indoor storage of your backflow preventer will also help to maintain the life of your backflow preventer by assuring that ice can not build up within your backflow preventer and causing damage. Although there should never be any water leakage into your backflow preventer if you sprinkler system in Michigan is properly winterized by our professionals, We have seen instances where someone else winterized the system but failed to do it properly. This has caused problems for both homeowners or business owners during the cold months of winter in Michigan.

If you need to replace your backflow preventer for any reason, even if you need to bring your home up to the newer code when selling your home, give us a call today and let us do the job correctly for you. As Michigan sprinkler professionals, we will properly install a new backflow preventer so you can enjoy the benefits of your outdoor turf irrigation system. Let us install a backflow preventer to your sprinklers in Michigan to comply with the latest laws or codes. Let us install a new backflow preventer that will allow you to protect your backflow preventer from those who wish to make a quick buck dishonestly.

Want to replace your own backflow preventer? You can pick one up at of Livonia, Michigan sprinkler parts store location. We are located at 36941 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, Michigan 48150. If you are not in our immediate area, you can still order your replacement sprinkler backflow preventer online and have it shipped to you.

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