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  1. Your Sprinklers Michigan or Michigan Sprinklers system will be designed with head to head coverage with the same type of sprinklers operating on the same zones
  2. Inside Plumbing: All interior and exposed exterior plumbing to be 1" or larger type M hard copper piping with copper fittings soldered using lead free solder. A main shut off valve for the  michigan sprinklers system will be provided. All shut off valves to be full port ball type valves. All backflow devices to be 1" or larger Febco 765-1 with unions (Michigan Code) unless otherwise noted. All necessary plumbing permits and backflow certifications will be filed with the city. 
  3. Underground Piping; All Michigan Residential Sprinklers Systems with water supplied from building will have 1" diameter polyethelene mainlines. All the section lines will have 1" ploy as well. the Sprinkler Heads will be  attached with funny pipe and swing-pipe tees, not inline, for flexibility
  4. Electric valves to be Rainbird 1" (or approved equivalent). All electric control valves to be installed inside plastic service valve boxes large enough to provide adequate space for future servicing. All valve boxes to be installed flush with surrounding grade.
  5. All control wire for Michigan Residential Sprinklers to be 18 guage multistrand solid copper unless otherwise specified. All wire connections will be made using waterproof wire connectors. 
  6. All wire placed in PVC conduit to protect it from mowers and grass trimmers.
  7. Sprinkler Timers to be Hunter XCore series or approved equivalent. Control unit to be mounted in the garage whenever possible.
  8. We use a dry bore underneath the walks and and try to avoid going under driveways.
  9. Lawn Repair: When Michigan Sprinklers Systems are installed in existing lawns all removed sod to be relayed at its original grade. All grades to be restored as original and grass seed will be provided as nescessary.
  10. Sprinkler Heads: All Sprinkler heads to be Rainbird 5004 series (or approved equivalent). Rainbird sprinkler heads to be installed using either swing joint or funny pipe applications. Final adjustment of sprinkler head should minimize water throwing onto landscape and paved areas.
  11. All of Metro Automated Sprinklers installation workers are trained professionals.
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