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  Sprinkler systems in Canton, Michigan, we install them, we service them
and we maintain them. That is what we do and we have been doing it in Canton,
Michigan for over 22 years.

   There are many sprinkler systems in place in Canton, Michigan. There are
still many more homes or businesses that want and need a sprinkler system
in Canton, MI. If you already have a sprinkler system then you know how
convenient it is to not have to drag out the hoses to water your lawn to
keep it healthy and looking good all growing season. If you do not have a
sprinkler system, then you probably know someone that does and you may
even envy the fact that their lawn always looks green and lush throughout
the entire growing season. Chances are good that we either installed that
particular sprinkler system or that after installation, they decide to
call us to maintain their sprinkler system We provide spring sprinkler
system start ups with a complete inspection of the system to assure it is
in proper working order. During the growing season, if a problem happens
to develop, chances are good that they will call us to perform the
necessary repairs or service on their sprinkler system. They will also
call during the fall months to guarantee a complete and proper blowout or
winterization of the sprinkler system. You see, that is what we do and we
do it well. That is why so many people in Canton, Michigan turn to us for
all of their sprinkler system needs.

   Those same people will also give us a call when they want to save money
while using their sprinkler system. It is well known that water rates in
the Detroit area continue to increase. With that in mind, why would you
want to waste any of the water that is being applied to keep your lawn
looking great? We can help you to save on your water usage with your
sprinkler system with several different products. These items are
inexpensive enough that they will pay for themselves in less than one full
season of sprinkler system use. They will then continue to provide savings
as long as your sprinkler system is in place.

   We have a great reputation for providing expert sprinkler system
installations in Canton, Michigan. There are different ways of installing
sprinkler systems. We only use one way to install your sprinkler system -
the right way. When we install a sprinkler system we want to be sure that
is something that you will be pleased with for many years. We do not take
shortcuts and we only use the latest professional grade materials and
parts when installing a sprinkler system.

   Whether you need to have a sprinkler system installed, repair,
maintained or serviced in Canton, Michigan or if you are looking to save
money on your irrirgaion system usage, give us a call today. We want your
business and we want you to become another satisfied Canton, Michigan
sprinkler system customer of