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Do you have a lawn sprinkler system installed at your home or place of business in the the Detroit area? If your answer is no, what are you waiting for?

Having a lawn sprinkler system installed is a convenient method of irrigating the lawn around your home or business and keeping it looking good all summer long. At the same time that you are keeping your lawn looking good with a lwan sprinkler system installed by the experts of, you are helping the enviornment in a couple of ways.

    First, your lawn is a major means of helping to keep the air around us cleaner and safer for everyone as it breaathes in the pollutants in the air and expells fresh oxygen. This helps everyone to maintain a better quality and healthier life.

    Next, a lawn sprinkler system, once installed and used properly will help to reduce the amount of water most people would use to help maintain a green and healthy lawn by controlling the time and amount of water being used versus trying to irrigate your lawn with a hose and rotary sprinkler system.

Once your lawn sprinkler system is installed, your lawn will look great all summer long and this helps to keep our surroundings more pleasant to look at. In southeast Michigan, we generally feel that our season of green is too short. Why not make the most of the season and help our environment by allowing us to install a lawn sprinkler system for you. We offer competitive rates with expert installion services. We've been serving the needs of your firiends and neighbors in Farmington, Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Belleville, Livonia, Redford, Dearborn, West Bloomfield, and Southfield with experly installed lawn sprinkler systems since 1993 and have developed and maintained a reputation without blemish for properly installed lawn sprinkler systems in Michigan.  Call 248 473-7485 or 734 844-2494....