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With over 20 years of experience in servicing all brands of sprinkler systems in southeast Michigan, we are a leader among sprinkler companies.

While there are several sprinkler companies scattered throughout the metro Detroit are, there is only one Metro Automated Sprinklers. Our customers know us as the leader for service of their sprinkler systems. Out technicians are highly trained professionals that come to your home or business, quickly identify what the problem is with your sprinkler system, then waste no time in getting the problem resolved and restoring your sprinkler system to fully and properly functioning.

We have heard over the years of people that have called another sprinkler company only to face extreme disappointment with the service they received. The reasons are varied, yet most people will often say that once they have called our sprinkler company to service their sprinkler system, that they will never us another sprinkler company again for service. They cite the knowledge that our sprinkler technicians have and the efficiency with which we perform all repairs. They also tell us that they are grateful that our sprinkler service technicians are very thorough in their assessment of their sprinkler problems and that we will often discover potential problems with a sprinkler system and resolve it right then and there to avert future service calls.

We know of some sprinkler companies that will not look further than the issue at hand. We believe that some sprinkler companies do this in order to get another future sprinkler service call. We don't do that. We are too busy to helping so many others with their sprinkler systems that we don't need to generate additional revenue by making another sprinkler service call.

Our sprinkler company in southeast Michigan handles every type of sprinkler service. WHether you have a pond pump sprinkler system or well water or city water, we can handle your sprinkler service. Whether you have a huge multi zone system or a small sprinkler system, we do it all and we do it right the first time.

If you're looking for a sprinkler system installation or any type of sprinkler service in metro Detroit, make us your sprinkler company and become another of our many happy and satisfied sprinkler customers. Don't let pesky problems with your sprinkler system hold you back from having a great looking lawn. Cal our sprinkler service professionals to get your sprinkler service from the leading sprinkler company in Michigan.

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Lawn sprinkler service company in Michigan. Serving: Wayne County, Oakland County or Macomb County communities.