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  Need a Sprinkler Repair Man or Sprinkler Repair Guy? Metro Automated Sprinklers is the home of all your sprinkler repair man or sprinkler repair guy needs. Low pressure to your whole system or maybe just low pressure on certain zones? No problem our sprinkler repair man service techs are trained in low pressure trouble shooting. There are many reasons for low pressure including but not limited to tree roots, clogged lines, damaged vacuum breakers, valves, or a bad gate valve/shutoff.

  Having timer or electrical troubles? Electrical shorts, faulted timers, single or multiple valves not coming on or shutting off, Let our experienced sprinkler repair man evaluate the issue. In the house or under the ground our sprinkler repair man will find and repair the issue. We have methods to single out the problem and bring your system back to life!

  Consider smart system replacement parts!! Our sprinkler repair men have many different water saving techniques that can reduce your watering bill 40% or more. Our sprinkler repair man uses of a combination of different timing adjustments that can save you a considerable amount of your hard earned money. You may also consider one of the various sensors available at a reasonable cost like a wireless rain sensor, flow control sensor, or a solar sync smart sensor. Rain sensors will shut your system down when the preciptation rate reaches a specified setting. Flow control sensors that will sense if your system is flowing when it is not supposed to (mainline breaks for instance). Solar Sync Sensors are smart sensors using current weather and average temperature conditions to automatically adjust your timers watering times. Contact our office and make an appointment today so our sprinkler repair man can evaluate your system for the best and most affordable water saving techniques possible.

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