sprinkler head repair

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Lawn Sprinkler Head Repair

When it comes to lawn sprinkler head repair there are many different scenarios. first lets start with the popups or mist heads. There are usually only two repair options before the head needs to be replaced. First the nozzle on the top of the head could be damaged from mowers or edgers. Replacing the nozzle is very easy they thread on an off.  The nozzle could also be clogged from debris in the pipes.  Next the head seems to leaking from the bottom  or is just floating in the hole. This is usually a broken or cracked fitting. This head repair can prove to be a little more difficult. especially if the fitting has broken off inside the head. For anything above and beyond that we recommend replacing the head.  Next is the impact rotary head. There is usually no good fix for these heads unless you own the special tool to gut the internal parts of the head without digging up the canister.  Finally the gear driven rotary head. All the parts are internal making this a very reliable unit but repairs are limited. First if the head stops rotating or moves slow remove the filter on the bottom of the head and wash it out. The only other sprinkler head repair is the seal. If when the head is running it looks like it is dumping a ton of extra water the seal is bad. The seal is an easy fix but the parts are hard to locate.  We recommend replacing sprinkler heads instead of trying to repair them. If you would like more information regarding Sprinkler Head Repairs visit our main page for easy navigation