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Smart Irrigation Systems in Michigan are still somewhat new in the irrigation industry. Most commercial and residential systems installed today are not being installed with smart irrigation or water saving technology. Water conservation is becoming bigger issue as water bills continue to increase across the country. The first product needed in your newly installed or recently renovated water saving smart irrigation system is the RainBird 5004 SAM (seal a matic) PRS (pressure regulated stem) rotor head. This head controls the pressure and flow at each head saving several gallons per minute per zone per day. The seal a matic feature is basically a check valve at the bottom of each head trapping all the water in the system so the water does not drain out of the zones when the system is not running. This saves a lot of water daily and controls unsightly puddles draining over walkways and driveways. Another great water saving feature is adding rotary nozzles to all your spray heads. Next you need a smart controller. There are several different versions on the market but our opinion the biggest bang for the buck is the Hunter  Solar Sync system. The Solar Sync sensor is a total weather sensor that calculates and adjusts your sprinkler timers daily programs based on your local weather conditions, for example if it is unseasonably cool for a couple weeks during the summer your Solar Sync sensor will automatically reduce your systems run time to save you water. The same goes for hot weather, if it is really hot in your area for a few weeks/month etc the sensor will add run time and shut off during rain. We have been installing these features and upgrades for years and our Michigan service techs are very familiar with the different smart irrigation system products.





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