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We install Quality RainBird Sprinkler Heads.Do you have sprinkler heads that need to be replaced? Have you noticed that your lawn sprinkler does not seem to be working right or do you have sprinkler heads that are shooting water in geyser fashion on the order of old faithful?

If you have any sprinkler heads that need to be replaced, we recommend that you replace them with Rainbird sprinkler heads. We also recommend that when you are replacing your sprinkler heads that you only use our commercial grade Rainbird sprinkler heads. We understand that everyone is looking to save money and that some people will rush over tho their local home improvement store to buy sprinkler heads. In fact, you may even find that your local home improvement store carries Rainbird sprinkler heads. However, be aware that not all Rainbird sprinkler heads or other Rainbird sprinkler components, although they may carry the Rainbird brand, are created equal. You may save a few dollars by purchasing your Rainbird sprinkler heads at the local home improvement or hardware store, this is generally not advantageous to you in the long run. Every year, we hear from our customers that they have to replace many of their sprinkler heads almost every year. We may ask where they purchased their Rainbird sprinkler heads and most often we are told that they bought them locally at their home improvement or hardware store.

Rainbird makes different versions of their sprinkler heads or sprinkler components. They produce a cheaper version to be sold by your local store and they produce a commercial version used by lawn sprinkler professionals like us. Although the commercial version of Rainbird sprinkler parts we use may cost a little more up front, the savings in how often a sprinkler head must be replaced easily covers your initial added cost. Add to your cost the time and effort you will expend to reinstall your sprinkler heads and you will see how quickly your cost savings add up.

Whether you are having a new sprinkler system installation done for you or by you, or whether you are replacing your old and worn sprinkler heads, we think the best choice for you is come to our sprinkler parts store located at 36941 Schoolcraft Road in Livonia Michigan, 48150 to buy that Rainbird sprinkler head replacement.

If you prefer not to do the replacement or installation yourself, give us a call at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494 and schedule your appointment to have us do the work for you. We are lawn irrigation professionals who know all aspects of sprinklers in Michigan and we love helping our customers to have a properly working sprinkler system so you can maintain a healthy and lush green lawn all summer long.

We are Rainbird certified contractors having completed many different programs from Rainbird to become a preferred Rainbird contractor including the installation of water saving sprinkler parts to help you save some green while keeping it green.