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We are often asked which is better, Rainbird sprinklers or Hunter sprinklers. Our answer is that both Hunter sprinklers and Rainbird sprinklers are both great underground sprinklers. As a result of our faith in both sprinkler manufacturers and the products they make, we install both Hunter sprinklers and Rainbird sprinklers when we install undergound sprinkler systems.

In fact, we will often use the best of Rainbird sprinklers along with Hunter sprinklers when we are installing your underground sprinkler system. Ther are instances where it may make better sense for us to use Rainbird sprinkler heads in one area of your underground sprinkler system and then Hunter sprinkler heads in another zone of your sprinkler system.

Of course, if you prefer to use only one brand of product in your undrground sprinkler system, we will comply with your wishes. We will however, explain why you may prefer for us to use both Hunter and Rainbird sprinkler products when we install your sprinkler system.

Over the years Rainbird sprinklers and Hunter sprinklers have waged a battle to become the predominant sprinkler manufacturer of underground sprinkler products. This is good for the consumer as it has forced both companies to tey to be more innovative in their product lines. As a result of their competition, many new sprinkler products have been introducted to the market. Products that help to save and conserve water and the money you spend each year to have a lush and healthy lawn. W ehave always kept up with all of the latest products and the various technoligies associated to the entire underground sprinkler system. In doing so we take a good look at all of the new products introuced to the sprinkler market. We test each product to see how it performs and then make our judgements of Rainbird sprinklers or Hunter sprinklers based on our tests along with the daata provided by each manufacturer.

If you're considering an underground sprinkler system for your home or business in the metro Detroit area, give us a call today. We offer free underground sprinkler installation quotes and we'll take the time to answer all of your questons regarding how your underground sprinkler system will function and benefits you will derive from it.