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Without fail, you are sure to see a homeowner of business this summer wating water, wasting money.

We see it all summer long, people with automatic lawn sprinkler systems that are watering while it is raining or right after a rainfall. We wonder why these people do not turn off their Michigan lawn sprinkler system. Why are they wasting our prescious natural resources. Why are they wasting money on watering when it is not necessary.

Pehaps you have even been guilty of this at one time or another. You have a Michigan sprinkler system installed for the convenience of automatic watering. You had a Michigan sprinkler system installed to save money from overwatering. You had a sprinkler system installed for the convenience and the value it adds to your property. And, it never hurts to have all of the neighbors jealous of your lush, healty lawn. Yet the problem still exists of watering when you should not be watering.

There is a simple solution to avoiding this situation, let us install a rain sensor to your Michigan lawn sprinkler system.

A rain sensor will not allow your Michigan sprinkler system to operate when it is raining or the area has recently received rain and the ground is already moist. Plus with recent technoligical advances, rain sensors will also determine automatically whether your lawn needs more water than usual due to drought conditions. New "smart" rain sensors will automatically control your water usage, while maintaining a lush healthy lawn all summer long without any effort on your part.

Let our professional lawn sprinkler maintenance and repair specialists install a rain sensor to your exisiting lawn sprinkler system or be sure to have a rain sensor installed with your new sprinkler system installation. A few times on not watering when you should not be using water to irrigate yur lawn will quickly pay for this lawn sprinkler upgrade and have you looking like one of the most attentive people on the block while assuring that your lawn retains all of its lushness and health.

Contact our specialists today and let us show you how a "smart" Michigan rain sensor installation can make you look even smarter that you already are.