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When you are thinking about having a sprinkler system installed around your home or business, then we hope you think of us. With over 20 years of experience strictly in the business of installing, repairing or maintaining underground lawn sprinkler systems, we have th experience and the knowledge you need to do the job the right way.

We know that there are others out there that say they can install a sprinkler system We are sure that they can. However, the question you need to ask yourself is will they install my sprinkler system correctly? Will my sprinkler system last and provide me with years of convenient lawn irrigation service?

We know that there are landscapers and even some local sprinkler companies around that will often provide you with a very low quote for the installation of a sprinkler system in southeast Michigan. But, before you go along with a very low quoted price, ask yourself or better yet, ask them how long they have been installing sprinkler systems? Do they have references? What is their standing with the BBB? What is the quality of the components they will be installing? You may hear them say that they will install a Rainbird sprinkler system or a Hunter sprinkler system Sounds like quality right? But, did you know that both leading manufacturers of lawn sprinkler components offers different grades of components. They offer the high grade product that we will install for you and they offer what may generally be referred to as homeowner grade.

The sprinkler components we install are strictly high grade products designed to give you years of worry free service. If you install anything less, you may find yourself in a situation where you are replacing sprinkler heads or other parts regularly. This results in an overall increase in the cost or your sprinkler system.

Many landscapers and others that say they can install a sprinkler system do not attend all of the classes we do to keep up with all of the latest technological changes occuring within the sprinkler industry. We do. We stay up to date with everything that is happening with sprinklers. From money saving water conservation devices, to all of the new sprinkler heads along with any other changes the manufacturers come out with each year. We also install your sprinkler system to make it simpler and cheaper for you to do any upgrades that you may want of need in the future.

So before you decide to use a cheaper sprinkler installer for your home or business in metro Detroit, talk with us. We are sprinkler installation professionals with all of the experience and current knowledge you need to make sure your sprinkler system is installed the right way with all of the right benefits for you.