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Northville Michigan Lawn Sprinkler Repair or Sprinkler System Installation 

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If You live in Northville, Michigan and need sprinkler system repairs or lawn sprinkler services, lawn sprinkler installation, Febco 765 backflow preventer parts, Rainbird or Hunter controllers, clocks, timers, valves,accessories for your current lawn sprinkler system, then you should call now for all of your lawn sprinkler needs in Northville, Michigan or anywhere else in southeast Michigan. That company is Metro Automated Sprinklers or online at

Metro Automated Sprinklers has been serving the Northville, Michigan area as a quality sprinkler installation company since 1993. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We use the highest quality sprinkler system products like Rainbird, Hunter, and Febco and staff trained sprinkler system designers and factory trained sprinkler system installers to insure that our customers receive the highest quality underground lawn irrigation system possible.

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Lawn sprinkler systems are comprised of hundreds of parts and pieces and like anything will require routine maintenance and repair. Metro Automated Sprinklers employs experienced service technicians that can handle your irrigation system service and sprinkler repair needs. We provide lawn sprinkler repair for both residential or commercial customers in Northville, Michigan. Irrigation systems are similar to any mechanical system, when something is not operating properly it affects the entire system. Some customers may let a leaky sprinkler head or another minor issue go a few months or even over a year before they have it repaired. Taking the approach of "I will have it fixed the next time I have a service scheduled to save money". This can actually end up being the opposite, since the irrigation system is operating inefficiently, you are typically wasting more money on water then what our service call would be.

If you wanted to try to troubleshoot your lawn sprinkler system before scheduling an appointment, below are common irrigation issues that we see on a daily basis:

    Sprinkler System Leak detection
    Broken sprinkler heads
    Malfunctioning sprinkler controllers or sprinkler timers
    Sprinkler System or zone stuck on
    Wet areas
    Dry areas
    Systems not working even though controller displays normal functioning
    Zones not working
    Weather sensor problems
    Backflow device problems
    Electrical problems
    Sprinkler Valve locating
    Sprinkler Valve problems

We also find that many of our customers in Northville, periodically want upgrades to their current lawn sprinkler systems. Most of the major lawn sprinkler manufacturers like Rainbird, Hunter, and Febco are making changes that allow for better use and conservation of water resources. We are well trained in these product upgrades and will be happy to inform you of how these innovative upgrades can help you to conserve water and save money while maintaining a healthy lawn all summer long. If you are considering adding a lawn sprinkler system to your home or business in the Northville, Michigan area, we will design a system that makes the most efficient use of water with a sprinkler system that will last for years at a very affordable price.

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