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Michigan Sprinkler Company Hiring! Metro Automated Sprinklers is looking for qualified irrigation service technicians for the upcoming season. Responsible for the irrigation maintenance of assigned Michigan residential and commercial properties.Will involve checking systems on a daily basis, performing startups and repairing any problems that are found. Must have valid drivers license, good communication skills, ability to multi task, ORGANIZED, able to work weekends, and follow through.

We are  looking for Michigan irrigation technicians with extensive knowledge of plants, water conservation practices,  irrigation technology, Identification of Soil Types Soil-Water-Plant Relationships, Service Troubleshooting,  Wire Sizing,  responsible for the programming, operation of smart irrigation controllers, installing systems and ensuring that they function efficiently, Repairing and maintaining valves, tracing electrical components, installing and initializing clocks and timers, locating existing zones and valves and performing pump repairs,  Adhering to our company no sidework policy, Ensuring that customers are satisfied completely through effective communication, relationship building and regular site visits, Installing and programming automatic controllers.

System Installation and Design: Must be able to do everything start to finish for a complete system installation. Flag the job w/proper head to head coverage, measure the PSI and GPM, Pull the pipe using a vibratory plow (puller), directional boring experience, Plumb the mainline and backflow preventer, build a manifold, fish wires behind drywall,  and install heads and fittings.

This job requires someone that is not afraid of manual labor..

Call 248 473-7485 or 734 844-2494 ... or apply online.