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We are a Licensed and Insured Sprinkler Company in Michigan. All Sprinkler companies in Michigan are not licensed and insured, these "trunk slammers" should be crossed off your list. Every state is different, but most states require a company to pass a series of inspections on knowledge, ability and practice before they are licensed Michigan does not. Michigan Companies should provide proof of business liscense, and liability insurance and if they do not have these, you should be highly skeptical. An uninsured company is not acceptable, because if that company damages your property or others around you, you are financially responsible. Metro Automated Sprinklers is FULLY insured for your protection.


The practice in which a Michigan Sprinkler Companies handles payment and deposits is another cause for concern. Most reputable Lawn Sprinkler Contractors will require only half of the total bill as a down payment on the installation of an irrigation system. The balance is due upon your approval of the work. Metro Automated Sprinklers will NOT ask for a down payment for all standard residential installations. Payment in full upon satisfied completion!  Any company that demands the entire payment up front should be considered suspicious. This is dangerous because, without needing a second payment, there is a possibility that no work will be done or that nothing will happen if the work does not meet your approval.

Trusted Michigan irrigation companies normally will discuss post-installation plans with you as well. After the sprinkler system is installed, ask if the company will leave your yard a mess. Metro Automated Sprinklers will reseed any grass that has been dug up.

Finally,  a reliable Michigan Lawn Sprinkler contractor will have several references from previous jobs whom you can contact and ask about their satisfaction. If a company does not provide a list, or if the information on the reference list is wrong, you should be concerned about the reliability of the Michigan Sprinkler Company.


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