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If you have an underground automatic lawn sprinkler system regular maintenance is necessary.  Spring start ups are not difficult for the average homeowner but it takes a trained eye to really see what is going on with your system.  A professional service tech can spot small leaks in your plumbing, low pressure zones, seal leaks on heads, valves that are sticking and countless other problematic symptoms.  These small sprinkler maintenance problems can cost you big on your watering bill. Mid season checks are also important to make sure your heads are still in adjustment and your watering duration is correct to the season.  As your landscape changes and grows it will be necessary to make modifications to head locations, nozzles, and spray arcs.  All sprinkler systems need adjustments a couple times a year.  Finally one of the most important steps to your lawn sprinkler system maintenance is the fall winterization. This step is definitely best left to the professionals. It can be tempting to try to hook up your garage compressor and blow it out yourself but improperly done this can ruin your entire system.  You can visit our homepage for more information on Lawn Sprinkler System Maintenance, Join Our Newsletter,  or call the numbers below.

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