sprinkler system financing in michigan

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Financing for Residential or Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Installation


We offer financing solutions when you have your sprinkler system installed by us.
Get 6 Months same as cash       Payments as Low as $45 per month       3% Monthly Payments

You've decided that you want a new sprinkler system installed at your home or business, but, now you're wondering to yourself how you can possibly afford to pay for the irrigation system. Even though you know all of the benefits of using a sprinkler system to help maintain a healthy lawn and have one of the best looking lawns on the block. A lawn that is the envy of all of the neighbors. If you're installing a sprinkler system for your business or commercial property, you are also aware that presenting a good outside image to the community is an important step in attracting customers. In both instances you are also aware that having a sprinkler system installed on your property will also help to reduce your overall watering costs by using less water than you would if you were watering your lawn by traditional means. Of course there is also the convenience factor of having a sprinkler system installed.

But still, there is that nagging question of how can you pay for the entire installation at once.

At Sprinklerz.com we have a solution for you. We offer sprinkler installation financing for residential or commercial lawn sprinkler system installation. We've teamed up with John Deere Financing to offer our customers easy finance solutions.

Now you can afford to have a sprinkler system installed with easy and affordable low monthly payments. Credit approval for your lawn sprinkler system in southeast Michigan is some of the most liberal in the industry and will allow you to save on watering costs, help you to maintain a healthy a lush lawn and offer the convenience of not having to drag out the hoses and then watch the clock the entire time the water is running.

Contact us today for your low price quote on an automatic lawn sprinkler system installation and then let us help you with easy finance solutions.

Sprinkler installation and financing is available to homeowners or business owners throughout the entire Detroit metro area of southeast Michigan.