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Lawn Drainage Michigan or A Lawn Drainage Company, Metro Automated Sprinklers is a Michigan owned and operated professional lawn Sprinkler and drainage company. Our full service technicians provide a complete range of drainage services, ranging from installation to system maintenance, and water management techniques. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional and reliable drainage services in southeast Michigan.
It is known that 95 percent of all water that enters your basement originated from your roof. This means all the run off from your roof and gutters is not being properly diverted from your house. A simple inexpensive method to correct this Michigan drainage problem is to have Metro Automated Sprinklers install a French Drain. If you notice areas on your property that always hold water give Metro Automated Sprinklers a call for all your Drainage needs.



Michigan Drainage Services include:                    

    Repairs to Broken Pipes and Fitting
    Gutter and downspout drainage systems
    Lawn drainage systems
    Landscape drainage systems
    Sump pump drainage systems

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EZ-Drain Gravel Free French Drains by NDS are geosynthetic aggregate slotted pipe systems for use in drainage applications. Manufactured from recycled polystyrene, EZ-Drain evacuates up to five times more water than standard gravel and pipe french drains. EZ-Drain provides maximum system life and performance, lower system costs, and an environmentally friendly alternative.

Environmental Benefits:

Stormwater filters naturally through subsurface, reducing pollutants
Ground water tables replenished by stormwater discharge on-site
Aggregate is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic

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