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Commercial Lawn Sprinkler Services
business lawn sprinkler services michiganWe offer complete, expert installation of commercial or business lawn sprinklers systems along with repairs or maintenance. Our services can be set to include spring start-ups or sprinkler system winterization (blow outs). We service office building, apartment complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, banks, churches, golf courses, neighborhood association subdivision entrances and we also work with several commercial property management companies in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan.
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Residential Lawn Sprinkler Services
From complete new lawn sprinklers installations, to spring start-ups, seasonal sprinkler repairs or adjustments, to sprinkler system upgrades or fall blowouts or sprinkler winterization, we do it all. We do it professionally and we do it right. We honor all Rainbird or Hunter manufacturer warranties, providing service on sprinkler heads for 2 years or electrical components to include sprinkler clocks or valves. If you will be using a well to irrigate your lawn, we offer well water treatments using "Rid O Rust", a great product that prevents staining of your concrete or walls. residential lawn sprinkler services michigan
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Lawn Fertilization Services

Want to keep your lawn green, weed free and looking like the best maintained lawn around? We offer complete lawn fertilization services and lawn core aeration services. Whether you don't have the time to do it yourself or would simply prefer to leave it to the experts, we'll set up a season long lawn fertilization schedule for your business or home. We'll fertilize at the right times of the growing season to assure that your lawn is properly fed to maintain a healthy lush green appearance.

We also offer the truly unique FertiGator System that delivers fertilizer through your lawn irrigation system. This system has been used extensively in agriculture for the past 30 years and has gained wide acceptance in the golf course industry over the last decade. FertiGator brings the benefits of lawn fertilization through your irrigation system to all types of residential or commercial properties. Contact us today to learn more about the delivery of lawn fertilization through your home or business irrigation system.

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Spring Lawn Sprinkler Start-up
Here is what we will perform:
  •  Open your systems main shutoff valve (Ball Valve or Gate Valve) slowly not to cause hammering in the pipes. Once the systems Mainline is pressurized we will check for leaks in your copper plumbing supply, and checks for leaks in your PVC manifold inside your valve box
  • If your system is pumped from a lake we will install your lake point  inspect and prime the pump
  • Now we will run through each zone on your sprinkler systems controller to check for section line leaks, electrical problems, electric valve function, leaking or broken heads, and nozzles that need to be changed
  • Make sure no heads are out of adjustment, and finally make any repairs that are needed.
  • Repairs are additional. .

spring lawn sprinklers startup services michigan
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Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Service

sprinkler blowout or winterization michiganIrrigation systems have to be winterized in Michigan to avoid damage caused by freezing temperatures. Water expands when it freezes. This irrexpansion creates cracks in the pipes, fittings, and sprinkler housing. By taking the necessary steps for protecting your irrigation system in the fall, you will avoid costly repairs in the springtime.


Most company's use compressors that can charge up to 120PSI or more. Be warned that anything over 80PSI can damage the components of the irrigation system. The Sprinkler manufactures re commend a compressor being able to deliver 60PSI at a minimum 15 CFM. CFM is what actually displaces the water.

Here is what we will perform when we winterize your sprinkler system:

  • Turn water off to the sprinkler system and drain the inside pipes and vacuum breaker.Remove and/or drain the pump, suction the line, check the valve and filter if applicable.
  • Deactivate the controller and valves. Remove the battery if it's a solid state controller.
  • Blow all lines free of water with compressed air, if applicable.
  • Open all manual drains and faucets, if applicable.
  • We winterize with a compressor that delivers 60PSI.
  • We blow out each zone twice with two short cycles as opposed to blowing out each zone once with a long cycle.
  • We open all the drains and leave them set at a 45 degree angle which helps prevent condensation that can build up and crack the inside ball valve, thus cracking it.
  • We guarantee that in the springtime your system will start and operate without any headaches.
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WWJ News on Sprinkler Winterization

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Landscape Lighting for Homes or Businesses
Landscape lighting not only enhances the appearance of your home or business, but, can also help to assure the security of you, your family and your building during the evening hours. Our expert staff is trained to design and install your landscape lighting project and to help you choose a light scheme that will fit your design tastes, needs and budget. From the standard to the exotic we can show you a variety of lighting fixtures tailored to fit your lighting project. We can also show you a wide variety of accent and deck lights to enhance the appearance and security or safety around your home.
landscape lighting landscape lighting landscape lighting landscape lighting
landscape lighting landscape lighting landscape lighting landscape lighting
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Decorative Outdoor or Indoor Fountains

From your home to business, an outdoor or indoor fountain is not only decorative, but, the sound of gently flowing water is relaxing and soothing. We are design and installation experts. Present your thoughts and ideas for a fountain or let us custom design and install a fountain that fits your specific needs and requirements. Sitting near an outdoor fountain combined with landscape lighting in the evening is a wonderful way to relax and soothe the soul on a summer evening. A fountain inside your business makes a dramatic entry or excellent gathering area that will be appreciated by everyone.

Symphony Floating Fountain Featured

Package Contents:

  • Fountain
  • Float
  • Plug-in control box with GFI and timer
  • Mooring line (75')
  • Power cable (100')
outdoor water feature

featured outdoor fountain
Holiday Decorating or Lighting for Homes or Businesses
Want your home or business to be well decorated and festive for the holiday season but just don't seem to have the time to do it yourself? Let our professionals handle the task of your Christmas holiday outdoor decorating and lighting. We'll put up all of your desired decorations for a reasonable cost before the holidays and when it's time to take everything down, we'll be back to pack everything away for use next year. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. Speaking of handling...we will use the utmost of care in handling your decorations. Not just when we're unpacking and setting up your holiday display, but, also when we're taking them back down and packing them away for another year. Please make your holiday decorating appointment as early as possible so we can assure your lighting and decorating can be set up in plenty of time for the season.
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outdoor holiday decorating services southeast michigan

outdoor holiday lighting services metro detroit

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We work throughout southeast Michigan and the Detroit metro area including the following cites:
Livonia Michigan, Canton Michigan, Garden City Michigan, Plymouth Michigan, Northville Michigan, Westland Michigan, Farmington Michigan, West Bloomfield Michigan, Dearborn Michigan, Dearborn Hts Michigan, Wayne Michigan, Romulus Michigan
If your city is not listed here, please call and confirm that we can help you out. We travel extensively throughout southeast Michigan and North Ohio.

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