Irrigation System Water Saving Techniques

Metro Automated Sprinklers Michigan is doing its part for the Green initiative.  We offer paperless billing through Pay Pal , Visa, and Mastercard, Organic Fertilizers, and new Installation and Design techniques to save water using Smart Controllers, Rainsensors and nozzle improvements.

Lawn sprinkler systems do not last forever. Design, installation and maintenance can help the  life of a sprinkler system, eventually all Michigan Sprinkler Systems need repairs and upgrades. Sprinkler System modifications include Landscape changes or repairs from every day use. Michigan Sprinklers Systems also need expansions.   A modification of a sprinkler system may be needed for several reasons including, the system has not been maintained, would like individual zone control, improving efficiency, and water conservation . If your Michigan Sprinklers System is more than ten years old this is a good reason for updating your system due to the number of product improvements made in the last decade. In the last few years, Sprinkler Heads and Sprinkler Controller technology  has completely changed. This  includes Smart controllers and pressure regulated nozzles to reduce water use and improve efficiencies. Upgrading your Michigan Sprinkler System with these improved heads, nozzles, and smart controllers will improve the efficiency of the system and save water. Because of the rising cost water and city watering restrictions now is the time to make your Michigan Sprinklers System more effecient to reduce your water bills.

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