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sprinkler smart controllerThe Hunter Solar Sync is the newest, latest and greatest in commercial and residential sprinkler system technology.

It is our opinion that every sprinkler system should have this water saving device installed. This new Solar Sync sensor technology turns your sprinkler system into a "smart sprinkler system".

The best way to compare how much more advanced a Hunter controller with a Solar Sync sensor is than any other standard controller is to compare a cell phone from 1999 to an Iphone in 2012. There is no comparison.

The Solar Sync works by controlling the seasonal adjustment built into your Hunter Xcore sprinkler system controller. Once your Solar Sync is installed it compares the average daily temperature for your region with the actual temperature and adjusts the zone run times. Either up if its hotter than the average, or takes time away from each zone if it is cooler outside and of course shuts your system down if it is raining. The average cost for a Solar Sync seasons is around $200.00 and will pay for itself in the first season due to water savings compared to a standard sprinkler system clock controller. By having the proper amount of water applied to your lawn, even during the hottest and driest parts of the summer, your lawn will remain a lush green and will remain healthy.

If you are interested in saving water, saving money, while maintaining a beautiful lawn this and every year ahead, give Michigan Metro Automated Sprinklers a call at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494 and we will help you to save money, save water and save the health and beauty of your lawn.