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get your sprinkler system ready for winterNo matter which terminology you used to describe it, the time is now to get your irrigation sprinkler system ready for winter.

Here in southeast Michigan, we know that winter can quickly creep up on us and free your sprinkler irrigation system. When that occurs, you can be faced with some major problems that can have an impact upon your home. You will also face major repair bills if you do not properly prepare your sprinkler system for winter. A frozen vacuum breaker or back flow preventer can freeze and then break your back flow preventer. THis is an expensive component of your sprinkler system that you must have in order for your sprinkler system to operate.

If your system freezes and cracks plumbing pipes, then you may have a flow of water into your home. Of course, these problems may not surface entirely until after there is a thaw and as we all know, there will be some thaw during the winter months. Regardless of when your problem surfaces, you will have some major repairs to contend with.

The best solution--Call us now to schedule your sprinkler systems preparations for winter. Even if you call now does not mean that you must have the work performed immediately. We can generally schedule an advance appointment for you. But, do call early. Why the push for you to call early We will be very blunt here; we get busy at this time of the year and without being able to schedule properly, we may not be able to get to you in a timely fashion. Now you may think to yourself that you will simply find someone else to do it for you. Maybe that guy that is driving around your neighborhood with the signs on his truck. Again, we will be blunt; most of these people doing that are not professional sprinkler system technicians. They are people that generally think that they know what to do, but really do not have a real grasp of what is involved to correctly prepare your sprinkler system for winter.

We should be happy that these guys do what they do since they tend to produce a lot of repair business for us in the spring due to them not clearing all of the lines correctly before the winter freeze sets in. But the choice is yours and we will let you decide what to do.

So, when should you call us at 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494? Right now or during regular business hours if you happen to be reading this at night.

We begin scheduling during the month of September for winterizations to begin around the beginning of October. By calling and setting up your appointment, you can rest assured that your sprinkler system will be ready for winter in southeast Michigan and that you will not have major repair bills in spring due to improper drainage of your entire system.

If you happen to call us later than September, do not worry, we will do our absolute best to fit you into our scheduling, but, then it may not be quite as convenient for you. If you wait until after your system freezes, we may be able to take care of your system, but, without complete assurance of a trouble free startup in spring.

Call now to have peace of mind knowing that experts are preparing your sprinkler system for the long hard winter ahead and for a bring and green spring afterwards.

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