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Complete Lawn Care Maintenance or Services In Metro Detroit

At Sprinklerz.com we offer complete lawn care services for you throughout the entire metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan.

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Although proper irrigation is essential to your lawn looking great and showcasing your home or business for "that look" most of us strive to achieve, a great looking and healthy involves more than simply applying water throughout the growing season and we're here to help you have the healthiest and best looking lawn you can possibly have.

We'll take take care of the things that make your home condo complex, apartment complex or business stand out.

Spring Cleanup

Over the winter months snow cover has hidden all of the things that can accumulate on your lawn. There are last fall's leaves, papers that have blown onto the property, branches that may have fallen and so on. All of this tends to accumulate on your lawn and in your shrub or flower beds. The first step each spring is to cleanup all of this so things can have a much neater appearance even before the grass, tress and flowers begin to bloom.

Lawn Aeration or Dethatching

Soil compaction is an issue that your lawn tries to contend with, but, can't do very well. Therefore it needs some help to loosen the soil to allow the roots to grow and take a great hold to produce a healthy lawn. Lawn core aeration loosens the soil by pulling plugs of soil up which will quickly break down. Although it may appear that your lawn is being harmer with this process, it's not, and truly helps the lawn to grow thicker and healthier. This process allows water to more easily reach the root system along with air and nutrients and makes it easier for the grass root system to spread and become healthier.

Dethatching also helps your lawn. Thatch is buildup of dead grass and organic matter that helps to create runoff of both water and nutrients so the can't make their way into the soil thus preventing your lawn from getting the things it needs to grow and thrive. A thick buildup of thatch also promotes diseases that can harm your lawn. Thatch does not occur from grass clippings as these clippings tend to break down quickly. Grass clippings also help to feed your lawn through natural composting. Dethatching your lawn helps to loosen the very upper layer of soil to allow better seepage into the soil of the good things you add to your lawn.

Lawn core aeration or dethatching can be done at any time during the growing season. We prefer to do these in the spring simply because they provide your lawn with a head start with benefits that can last all season.

Lawn Fertilization

michigan department of agriculture certified pesticide applicatorAll living things need nutrition and your lawn is no different. To grow well through establishment of a strong root system that allows your grass to grow in a healthy state, your lawn needs fertilizer to feed it so it can produce the lush green that we are so fond of. A thick healthy lawn also helps to ward off weeds by choking them out and producing conditions that are unfavorable to the establishment of weeds. But, even with a thick, lush and healthy lawn, some weeds still manage to make your lawn their home. So to prevent or to control weeds a pre-emergent along with seasonal post emergent weed control should also be applied to your lawn. Fertilizers or weed control products need to be applied throughout the growing season at regular intervals to assure a great looking lawn.

Certified Pesticide Applicators In Michigan

Although there are many different lawn care companies that say they can apply fertilizer to your lawn, there are only a few that are certified by the Michigan Department of Argiculture as pesticide applicators. We are fully certifed in the state of Michigan to apply all forms of fertilizer, weed control products or insect pest control products to your lawn. Having a certified pesticide applicator working around your home helps to assure your safety. All pesticides pose some degree of danger to your and your family and some pesticide applications can be very toxic if not applied correctly. Since these products are designed to kill weeds, grubs or other insects and more, they also have the very real potential to harm human beings. Care must be utilized in their application and in particular in commercial application strengths. Our applicators have sudied their use and dangers and will assure that your home does not recieve toxic levels of these chemicals that could kill your lawn or endanger you, your family or your pets.

    Please Note: Anyone applying any pesticides or herbicides including weed and feed products commercially to your lawn must be certified by the state of Michigan to do so, otherwise they are in direct violation of Michigan law.

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We use only professional grade nationally recognized lawn care products on your lawn!

Insect or Grub Control

Early in the spring and again during the fall grubs can become active under the soil and if left uncontrolled they invite damage to your lawn. First, the grubs will shear off the roots of your lawn leaving patches of dead grass that is easily pulled up by hand. Next, the grubs under the soil are a food source for some vertebrate animals who will dig up your lawn to reach this food source. Grubs are also a prime food source for burrowing animals like moles. Moles tunnel underground leaving mounds of soil raised up in their wake. Most of us feel that this is a very unsightly mess. Although grubs can be controlled once they have established themselves in your lawn, it is best to take a proactive stance and eliminate them before they become established through grub control applications. Why wait until your lawn becomes destroyed when you can avoid these problems entirely. There are other insects that will make their home in your lawn. Some cause harm to your lawn while others are primarily considered a nuisance. Lawn insect control performed by our trained and certified pesticide applicators can prevent harm to your lawn and automatically eliminate nuisances such as ants, grubs, sod web worms, moths and more.

Lawn Irrigation System Installation or Startup

If you don't have a sprinkler system, you will want to consider having a system installed. First there is the convenience of having an automatic means of lawn irrigation that waters your lawn the correct amount on a regular basis. We all know that mother nature can't be fully relied upon to water our lawns when it is needed. An automatic lawn sprinkler can fill in where nature leaves off. With the introduction of "smart watering systems" your sprinkler system can be installed or an existing system modified to water only when it is needed. This saves you money by not watering unnecessarily either through setting a system to run too long or when it is not needed.

If you already have a lawn sprinkler system, we will startup your system to be ready for use throughout the growing season. Starting up a sprinkler system should be done by a qualified professional. Every year we are called by homeowners who have attempted to startup their sprinkler system improperly. Pressurizing your sprinkler system incorrectly can cause expensive damage to the system. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system and assure that all zones and sprinkler system components are working correctly and will also set each zone to assure that you are not under watering or over watering any area.

Lawn Cutting and Maintenance

Once you've taken all of the steps to grow a healthy and great looking lawn, you will want to assure that it has a neat and trimmed appearance. We offer weekly lawn cutting services. Our team of professionals will come to your home, condo complex, apartment complex or business every week and cut your lawn to keep it looking neat and well maintained. As part of our lawn cutting services, we will trim around shrub and flower beds, edge around walks and driveways and then cleanup after ourselves by blowing all hardscape surfaces free of lawn debris.

End Of Season Yard Services

The weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to fall and another great lawn growing season comes to an end. During this time of year your sprinkler system needs to be winterized. Without proper sprinkler system winterization, your system becomes subject to freezing once the weather becomes cold enough. Freezing of your backflow preventer or other sprinkler system components can cause major damage to the system that will incur some rather major repair costs later on. Call us early to schedule your lawn sprinkler system shutdown, blowout or winterization. Sprinkler system blowouts are best performed mid September through no later than mid November.

If you are using our lawn cutting services, the leaves that are falling onto your lawn with will be mulched with each cutting. Mulching of these leaves provides benefits to your lawn in several ways to help make your lawn healthy next year and also maintains a neat appearance for your home, condo complex, apartment complex or business in southeast Michigan. However, if you need fall cleanup services, we can also provide them for you at our low rates. Just give us a call and we'll send out our pros to save you the laborious tasks of fall cleanup.

Sprinklerz.com Is More Than Just A Lawn Sprinkler Service Company In Michigan

At Sprinklerz.com we pride ourselves on much more than our expert sprinkler installation, repair or maintenance services. We believe that if we can provide you complete lawn and yard care services, you can have the best looking place on the block at a fair rate from qualified and dedicated professionals, that you will become or remain one of our many satisfied customers for years to come and that you will recommend our complete services to your family and friends in the metro Detroit area of southeast Michigan. We make it our mission to help you save some time and money with the least amount of effort on your part to have the lawn you and others dream of having without worry. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to perform all of our services within the state of Michigan.

For Complete Lawn Care Services Call 248-473-7485 or 734-844-2494 ... or schedule online.