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  Are you looking for a cheap sprinklers a cheap sprinkler service or cheap sprinkler parts in Michigan? We are considered less expensive than ALL our competitors not due to poor service or cheap off brand parts. We simply do not charge our customers a service call fee or a trip fee saving you at least fifty dollars per call. We still use top quality Rainbird, Hunter and Febco parts on all our service calls and installations. Using Rainbird and Hunter products saves on water and repairs because these parts last. Cheap sprinkler parts in Michigan are not worth the health and beauty of your lawn and landscape. Cheap sprinkler head failure can cost you your lawn.

 Our pricing is always up front and fair our rates havent changed in many years. Our labor rate is $70 per hour plus materials if needed and NO SERVICE CALL FEE. Spring Startups are still $39.99 (most homes) and our Winterizations are still $39.99 (most homes). There are other Michigan Sprinkler Companies that advertise cheaper service rates just beware of their service call fee. Beware of landscapers and lawn cutting crews who advertise cheap Michigan sprinkler services such as start ups, repairs, installations, and winterizations most of these landscape type companies do not have the knowledge or qualifications to work on your system. If it is too good to be true it usually is!

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