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Because sprinkler heads are not pressurized until the system is on,  it can be very challenging to find leaks or broken sprinkler lines. Mist heads or “Pop-ups”  are very common spray heads found in most Michigan residential  Lawn Sprinkler Systems. In general  spray heads require more maintenance than the larger impact or Gear Driven Rotors primarily due to the fact that mist head use less water per head and the nozzles are smaller so they clog easily, get damaged by lawnmowers and edgers.  Mist Heads take more heads per square foot to provide head to head coverage.  The more heads in a system means more fittings which means more possible leaks in your irrigation system.

Metro Automated Sprinklers can fix your broken or leaking sprinkler system in Michigan.


  1. Look at your water meter for any slow leak that may be caused by your sprinkler system. Our Service Techs can Isolate the sprinkler valves to determine where the leak is.
  2. Metro Automated Sprinklers will Run each zone, inspect each head for leaks, also look for a good pattern and good coverage. Cleaning the heads nozzles may be required.  
  3. Adjust the sprinkler heads as necessary to minimize water over-spray on no-porous surfaces (sidewalks and streets).
  4. You may notice water residue around some sprinkler heads even when it should be dry, known as seeping, this could be that the sprinkler valve is leaking , or your zone is draining to the lowest head on that zone.Our service Techs are trained to know the difference...



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